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Finding the Main Idea Answers 2

Finding the Main Idea Answers 2 If you have read How to Find the Main Idea, and have completed the Finding the Main Idea 2 activity, then, by all means read the answers below. These answers are affiliated with both the articles, and will not make much sense by themselves! Printable PDFs: Finding the Main Idea 2 Worksheet | Finding the Main Idea 2 Answers Answer 1: Classrooms This is a stated main idea: The physical environment of a classroom is extremely important because it can influence the way teachers and students feel, think, and behave. Answer 2: China Power This is a stated main idea: Whether Chinas emergence as a global power can peacefully find a place in East Asia and the world is a major issue in todays international political environment, one that warrants a responsible look. Answer 3: Rain This is an implied main idea: Its abnormal to venture out in the rain, but the positive results can be well worth it. Answer 4: Math This is an implied main idea: Although males outperform females on math tests, the cause of the discrepancy is unknown. Answer 5: Movies This is an implied main idea: People are willing to pay high prices for movies on the weekends in order to experience camaraderie with others. Answer 6: Troopathon This is an implied main idea: Melanie Morgan created the Troopathon to counteract the negative personification of troops displayed by the media. Answer 7: Relationships This is an implied main idea: Getting into a relationship is easy, but staying in one is not. Answer 8: Educational Technology This is an implied main idea: Technology is pervasive in todays classrooms, and although critics doubt its use in education, their viewpoint is faulty. Answer 9: Fair Use This is a stated main idea: The recording industry has gone too far in its fight against file sharers in that Copyright Management Systems can impinge on users fair use of digital information. Answer 10: Mares This is a stated main idea: A recent study found that more sociable mares had more foals.

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Evaluating accounting control systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Evaluating accounting control systems - Essay Example The meaning of internal control has changed over the recent years with the development of various internal control models. The COCO model is one of those models. Stone Creek Church in Urbana, Illinois has adopted the COCO framework model for their Internal accounting control system. The Coco model, which builds on COSO (another internal account control model) is the most user-friendly and concrete method. â€Å"The COSO framework is the reference model, which is written from the point of view that basically it makes the organizational member of the internal control be thorough who includes the manager from the standpoint of the shareholder† (COSO Framework Para 10).   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The COSO framework describes internal control as a procedure, influenced by an entity’s management, board of directors and other workers, which is planned to provide reasonable assurance concerning the attainment of objectives. As stated the earlier Stone Creek Church in Urbana, Illin ois has used the COCO framework model. The Stone Creek Church in Urbana always has to in excess of two persons to handle the cash. The money is never in one person’s situation anytime for protection. ... And it protects the person and the structure. The Stone Creek Church in Urbana provides cash dispersement process. It means payment or Cash outflow of money to resolve commitments for instance interest payments for loans, operating expenses and accounts receivables throughout a particular period so as to carry out business actions. Usually in the form of plastic money, cash, check, Electronic fund transfers and warrants. CoCo model distinguishes four interconnected elements of internal control such as containing purpose, commitment, capability and learning and monitoring. An industry that performs a task is directed by an understanding of the function of the task and supported by ability. To execute the task well over time, the industry wants a sense of commitment. At last, the industry has to monitor task performance to develop the task process. These fundamentals of control, which contain twenty particular control criteria, are seen as the steps an industry takes to promote the rig ht action. As mentioned earlier Stone Creek Church in Urbana, Illinois has adopted the COCO framework model. The task was to evaluate the accounting control systems of Stone Creek Church in Urbana, Illinois on the basis of the interview of the Stone Creek manager and the attached notes on COCO framework. The Coco framework states that the organizations should be able to measure their performance in quantitative terms and should use budgets and financial statements to evaluate their performance. The Coco framework also advocates the use of qualitative measures such as target setting in order to assist the performance of a firm. In the Stone Creek Church case no quantitative measures like the setting up of budgets has been done as well as no qualitative measures like

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Competitive Environment Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Competitive Environment - Case Study Example Most companies have faced domestic competition and done well in the limited competitive milieu that they have been operating in. But now all companies will face competition from companies all over the world. Governments will be unwilling to protect domestic companies because they have realized that they will be doing a great disservice to their economies and people by limiting competition in their countries. Most governments are going overboard in making their countries attractive destinations for foreign capital, technologies and companies. The game is clear. Only the best companies will survive (Adler et al, 1993). The nationalities of companies will not matter and country markets will become intensely competitive. There will be another type of competition which is more difficult to contend with because it comes from unexpected quarters. New technologies are pouring out of laboratories and development centers. These new technologies do not respect the boundaries of existing busines ses. They solve customers' existing and even unarticulated needs in fresh ways. Customers lap up the products and services made with these technologies because they are decidedly better than the products and services they are using. ... In that sense video-conferencing is a direct threat to air travel and hotel industries. Companies need to keep a track of development of technologies in varied areas, because there is no way to find out which one of them is going to hit them. To explain Toyota's competitive advantages, much focus has been on Toyota's Just-in-Time tools such as kanban-card paced pull systems, frequent, small batch production and delivery, and reduced inventories. For instance, Hopp and Spearman (2000) have contrasted ConWIP and kanban control of production flows. Deleersnyder et al (1989) and Lee (1989) have compared the relative efficacy of push and pull approaches for production. Customers' needs are changing because their economic status and their views about themselves and the world are changing. Customers are reinventing themselves more frequently these days and hence their whole being and their rationale of existence is changing (Cusumano, 1989). This reflects in the products and services they buy and their motivations in buying those products and services also change. They want their needs to be served differently, and in most cases by different providers. A family used to go on a holiday once in a while for a change. It essentially used to be a meaningless outing. But now a family will go on a holiday with the avowed purpose of recuperating and energizing. Certain activities have to be part of this holiday. There has to be yoga sessions, mountain climbing, bonfires, etc. The holiday planner that served the family will have to reinvent his business or there will be another provider waiting to grab his client. Companies has to keep track of its customers'

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Homeschool vs Public School Essay Example for Free

Homeschool vs Public School Essay In this paper I plan on describing education and how it has shaped me. How education effects everyone depending on their situation, whether they are rich, poor, white, black, healthy , or disable . There is a type of education for everybody. In all three essays the authors taught us through the characters they used, the hardships and discrimination that they insured trying to seek an education if they were not considered in the right classification in society. They have taught us that nothing can stop us and we can reach to the stars for anything we want to do as long as we have the will power. As you read my essay you will see some of my own mothers hardships that she went through for us so we could get a good education. The essay tells you how you should go about to choose your education too. It proved in the essay Finishing School by Maya Angelou, how hard it was to be poor and black and get an education or be recognized in society. Even though her Mistress tried to dishonor her by changing her name and disgracing her in front of her friends Angelou had no intention on standing still for it. She might be black but she was not to be put down . She was just as smart or smarter as her mistress as far as she was concerned and no one had any right black or white , rich or poor to discriminate or change anything about her. This was a lesson Angelou taught us to do standing up for ourselves no matter how hard it may be Our education is well worth it and so are we. In the essay Indian Education by Sherman Alexie, he had it hard on the reservation. First he was picked on in school by his peers,,which is something a lot of us go through. As he got older he turned the tables and went through many hardships in his education. Finally to succeed and going to public school. He had to change his ways and get a proper education in order to become something in life. Alexie learned from discrimination and peer pressure. He learned what he had to do to make his life better and how to improve it . All the hardships Alexie, Angelou and Smith-Yackel went through did not stop any of them, they kept going and that is what is I think what makes our education the same Teachers have a way with teaching as told in the essay The Banking Concept of Education by Paulo Concept of Education (Home School vs. Public School 3 Friere. As told in the essay Friere points out how Four times Four is Sixteen can just be words unless put to use by the student . It is not just up to the teacher to teach us but up to us to take in what the teacher is trying to teach us. However, at the same time it goes without saying if a teacher knows only one way of teaching which may be memorization then that may be the only way a student can learn . So as student I think it is up to us to learn as much as we can. The teacher can only do so much, we have to do the rest . I think that is what Friere is also trying to point out to us. It is not only up to the teacher but up to us as the student too. The essay written by Bonnie Smith-Yackel My Mother Never Worked, is the one that really touched my heart the most. This is my favorite one. My mother was like Martha in many ways. Although my mother had epilepsy all of her life she volunteered to do everything for everyone. My mom was on disability but did not let that keep her down. It was society that tried to keep her, down but she refused to let them hold her back. She was a stay at home mom and did everything for us . She babysat for neighbors, friends and family. She was there at a moment’s notice if anyone had a sick child and needed her. She was a wonderful mother and wife. She went to college for child development and got her associates degree. When we started school she went to school with us every day and volunteered from eight in the morning till we got out of school each day. My moms dream was to be a teacher but because of epilepsy and disability she could not. She could still volunteer though but not get paid for her services. This did not bother my mom. To her she was still fulfilling her job as a teacher. \ When I was a child I went to public school. I learned a lot while in elementary school and some of middle school. As I got older I cared less about my education and more about fitting in. I grew up in Michigan and went to school there until the middle of the eighth grade. Starting in about the seventh grade school started being more about who was more popular and who likes who, or look at those cheap shoes that girl is wearing. For me I was more concerned about being cool and Concept of Education (Home School vs. Public School) 4 fitting in, than caring about my education. In the middle of eighth grade my family moved to Arkansas. This was very hard on me. I missed my friends very much and didnt want to start a new school. My grades did improve for a while, but that was only because I didnt have any friends to focus my attention on. I focused more on my school work. However this did not last long. I didnt fit in because it was a very small town and I was a shy kid. I then started skipping school. When my mom found out she decided to put me in home school. Education was important to her and my dad. She always wanted to make sure I succeeded in life She got me up every morning just like as if I was going to school. I had the same hours as any other student in public school. My vacations were based around the public school. If the public school had a snow day or holiday I was allowed to have that day off. Home school was good for me because I had one on one teaching which I did not have in the public school. I needed that because of me being so shy and at times I would not raise my hand if I had questions. In home school I had my mom and dad to help me. I could focus better on my school work because I was not distracted or afraid of not getting anything done . I had hands on learning with my mom, and my dad incorporated projects to go with her lessons. I remember my dad and making a computer out of sugar cubes and Styrofoam , volcano, castles out of toilet paper rolls and a lot of other projects. I was never really good in English although believe it or not my mom was very good . My mom taught me the basics of school work, while my dad taught me about cars , how to plant a garden, and taking care of animals such as pigs, chickens, cows. We had a garden with fruits and vegetables, I learned to cook for large family. I was in FFA and I won the BBQ chicken semi- finals. I learned how to live in society. I worked and had a job too. My mom taught me much more then what you can learn in a book . She taught me lives lessons just like Martha taught her children in My Mother Never Worked. She gave me the skills I needed. I learned to use those skills and so here I am today working at Lakeland Hospital now for 10 years Concept of Education (Home School vs. Public School) 5 and finally going to college and studying for a nursing Career. Audience Analysis With education comes how we the parent, teacher and student will educate or be educated. One of the toughest decisions that youre going to face as a parent is that youre going to have to decide where to send your kids to school. However, most parents at least consider the choice to choose either private school, home school or public school. You as a parent can weigh the options of what you think would be better for you and your childs education. To do this you and your child might want to weight the factors that play a part in the pros and cons of public school and ho me school and what is best for you and your child. As a parent you may feel that public schools have too many peer problems. Kids may argue with peers or pick up bad habits in public schools. There are so many children to one teacher it is hard to give one on one to the child that is quiet and needs help but wont ask and they get lost in the school system. Your child may have health issues, like diabetes or other disabilities therefore when lunchtime comes it is hard for your child if he or she has diabetes or foods he or she can not have and is forced to eat what there or just take a sandwich from home and be the outsider. As a parent or student you need to weigh what is best for the both of you. Home schooling may be the answer in this case. Home schooling is a great way to bring a family closer together, but you have to make sure your kids (and you) are getting the social interaction they need. You can set a school schedule that suits your family, travel together when its best for all of you and enjoy more family and life together . You also need to make sure you have the type of relationship with your child to listen to instruction from you as a teacher instead to a parent, You as a parent have the option to teach your child anything from bible (which most public schools do not allow) to the basics school book skills to life skills. As a working parent public school is probably better . Transportation is provided, so there is no need Concept of Education (Home School vs. Public School) 6 to worry about having a car. School buses will pick up your child to and from school. For some parents the choice is easy because of the funds and the availability of the parents time. Public schools provide the kids with an opportunity to great activities , this is important to many of you as parents and as students . Many of you want your children in activities and think this is important. Public school gives you this option , so this you might want to take into consideration also. All around development is easier in public schools. If you are worried about feeding your child at school and you are low income, they have low cost or free breakfast and lunches for your child too. So basically it is up to you on the education of your children. There are pros and cons. In Conclusion: Some kids do best when they are able to combine different options to complete their education. In order to choose the right type of school, you need to weigh all of the options open to you. My sister Amy went and graduated from public school with honors. My sister Christal received a GED., she choose to work. School was hard for her. I have an adopted sister Janice who was in special ed , she went to public school but was in special classes and received a special diploma . Now days you can do both of two worlds my sister (Chasity) has PCOS and Diabetes which made her miss a lot of school so she is doing through Coloma High School , a Coloma Virtual Academy which is a home school but works with the public school too. . She goes to school to pick classes, participates if she wishes, can graduate with her class, but her Doctors appointment’s and her health problems will no longer prevent her from her education. So my mom is home schooling her in a different way than she did me. They made a different choice of education for her. They both were good choices but for different reasons. That is why you should look into the situation before deciding what to do. As a parent your child is not the same as anyone else so they may require a different type of education just like my sisters and I did. It is you and your childs choice

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Science and the Community :: Business Management Studies

Science and the Community How GSK affects the community in which it is situated. Gsk may affect the local community which it is situated in many different ways as most of their employees are not from local community so the company hardly have an impact on the community. How many people do GSK employed and the skills they used ? Gsk employed about 110,000 employees worldwide; with quarter of the amount doing research and development. In Stevenage there is about 2400 staff of which 70% are laboratory scientist. There are many different skills used by their employees as they used science in every aspect of research and development. They uses science technicians for discovering new drugs which is a high tech process therefore they use robotics extensively as they are more efficient and effective than using human technicians. Most of there scientist interface there experiment with IT systems for running them, monitoring them and collecting and analysing results. Basic economic cost Gsk need money for basic economic cost as they currently spend over  £6 million per day doing research worldwide. They also used up a lot of money developing medicine as at least  £50 million and it takes up 10-12 years. However they do benefit from this as they get in profit for the shareholders and put some money back into research. The company also have to spend money on environment health and safety. They have Capital investment projects include projects related to designing, sitting and installing systems related to wastewater treatment. In 2003, there was a sharp decrease in capital investment to conclusion of a major wastewater treatment plant expansion and upgrade project at one of their large primary manufacturing sites. Their Capital investment of their Environment Health and Safety projects was totalled  £10.5 million in 2003 a decrease of 43% from  £18.3 million in 2002. One of their primary manufacturing sites completed a large-scale wastewater treatment upgrade in 2002. This rationalisation effort and general cost control measures contributed to the decrease in capital investment. Transport cost Gsk supply coaches for Stevenage station for their workers who have to commute which have cost them a lot of the years because most of their works does not live locally and most of their staff travel by train because of the congestion that could be on the A1 at times so these b people will benefit from the free coach. Gsk also have to pay their employee and so they give out as they take in. The benefit of the science used Gsk is a world leading research-based pharmaceutical company with a powerful combination of skills and resources that provides a platform for delivering strong growth in today's rapidly changing healthcare

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The Antisocial Urbanism of Le Corbusier

The Antisocial Urbanism of Le Corbusier Antisocialism in Social Cities 002.png"/>Outline Social versus Antisocial CitiesIntroductionWhat is Socializing?Assorted types of SocializingPhases of Socializing by Richard Moreland and John LevineLe Corbusier vision toward metropoliss and unfavorable judgmentBodyCharles Fourier and Le Corbusier vision by Peter SerenyiArgument of Charles FourierFourier program in â€Å"The Social Destiny of Man†Worlds as Social BeingsCartesian method Vs. John LockeGeorg Simmel: Individuality and Social signifiersBlaise Pascal and Le Corbusier: pointless human relation shipsAntisocial aspiration and criminalismAlbert Camus: Public and private forceDecisionAntisocial City consequence on people lifeLewis Mumford: political and cultural association as chief subjects in the metropolisJane Jacobs: â€Å"people need other people†Sociable metropolis and its citizens: How could a metropolis survive with antisocial symptoms?Social versus Antisocial Cities Socialization is the process through which a individual acquires to bond to an assembly or civilization and act in a manner accepted and recognized by this group or society. Mentioning to most societal experts, socialisation fundamentally expresses the full method of civilization during the life sequence and is a chief inspiration on the public presentation, positions, civilization and activities of all ages. ( Encyclopedia Britannica, 2014 ) Richard Moreland and John Levine ( 1982 ) , proposed a typical method of an assembly socialisation which rely on the statement that people every bit good as groups modify their positions, appraisals and behaviour when interacting through clip. Moreland and Levine propose that an expected classification of stages which arises to let for an single to alter when being portion of a group. They differentiated five stairss of socialisation which indicate this alteration which are: enquiry, socialisation, preservation, resocialization, and memory. Pass ing by each degree, people assess each other through which an development or decrease in confidence to socialisation can be reached. Why metropoliss need socialisation while being a positive thing? Why do we follow it as a good construct through which people are involved in urban diverseness and chances? Is it indispensable for citizens to mix in their metropolis? These questions normally examined explicate the fact that people are non certain about the presence of socialisation in their metropolis. Additionally, people can non deny the negative impact on metropoliss that have an unorganised societal life that should be escaped. By analyzing the chief visual image of Le Corbusier toward the metropolis, these inquiries will be more elucidated. In his Plan Voisin from 1925, his vision involved the proposition of pulverizing the centre of Paris and replace it by towers following a certain grid without taking into consideration the bing surrounding and its historical importance in that country of the metropolis. This image is considered a utopic vision shaped to unite adult male with a well-organized environment follo wing certain regulations and guidelines. However, by making so, he isolated prosaic flow and paths from the roads and streets by overestimating the car as chief tool of motion in the metropolis. This vision is no more prefering the societal contact between the metropolis users who are losing the construct of socialisation by concentrating more on the uniformities of the modern metropolis more than the common bonds and their bounds. Seventy old ages of restated unfavorable judgment of Le Corbusier has been revealed refering socialising since he forgot that metropoliss occur to heighten this procedure. Le Corbusier was considered as a negligent and huffy individual as described by some newsmans. Charles Fourier, the nineteenth-century ideal philosopher was considered besides as an highly hopeless, individual, vagabond individual while being compared to Le Corbusier by Peter Serenyi. As a effect, they both detested human society. Actually, the chief statement presented by Charles Fourier is that societal interaction favor the aggressive behaviour among people since they are motivated by their antisocial passions so if they are obliged to populate together they tend to float apart ( Serenyi, 1967 ) . Fourier suggested in his bookâ€Å"The Social Destiny of Man†( 1808 ) , to divide the society into parts that encompass 16 hundred occupants per piece where each one live in studios, while populating a big house that he named a â€Å"phalanstery.† The result of each piece is monitored by a specialised director that he named the â€Å"areopagus, † who is besides responsible for the societal dealingss among the inmates. Subsequently, people will get down to kill each other after the inmates be isolated to new phalansteries. Serenyi claims that this manner of be aftering a society as the program of Fourier’s and the urban designs of Le Corbusier is decidedly a huffy manner of believing about society ( Serenyi, 1967 ) Zooming in into the architectural graduated table, what qualities shall an single possess in order to be a existent homo being? The dominant answer to this enquiry is that worlds are ab initio societal existences that behave consequently in a societal life in order to carry through their demands. Bing portion of this position, the personality is unsolidified and alterations when combined with human senses and common mechanisms as societal, cultural, and lingual where everyone articulation ( Richard, 2007 ) this manner of believing contradicts that of Descartes if we are to detect theDiscourse on Method( 1637 ) andMeditations on First Philosophy( 1641 ) , since societal engagement is removed from the procedure of happening truth. For Descartes, our motive to achieve opposite positions is the consequence of undependability that we found in when trusting on our senses. The chief intent of this manner of thought is to take people from what they acquired and experienced as old information in order to be able to specify precisely the truth that is behind each one of us. This purpose is sort of impossible since a individual can non deny the old history and behaviour scene that he used to and that are barricading his ability to acknowledge the kingdom. The most trustingly truth is found within each one of us and non following certain regulations and ordinances to make it. ( Richard, 2007 ) In contrast to Maslow pyramid where an indispensable degree in human being life is the belonging demand because people has a fright of purdah, they need to hold this sense that makes them more safe and secured. A human being ever brush alterations and procedure throughout his life that is interchangeable harmonizing to the society and clip factor and non a fixed entity. If a individual does non take part within his society, he or she won’t be able to be a to the full single. For Locke, socialisation is an indispensable procedure to go through through in each phase or one’s life. ( Locke, 1988 ) The German sociologist Georg Simmel, argues that sociableness is independent from a individual development. For him, an person is unable to make a cultural background unless he is involved in his society. ( Simmel, 1968 ) he stated that through being portion of a big group in the society helps developing the individualism of each individual since people within these groups hunt for common evidences between each other in order to collaborate and incorporate more by making meshing relationships. The chief purpose is clear: every bit long as a individual involves and interacts socially with his milieus and society, he or she discovers more about himself and develop more his individualism which would be besides reflected in the scenes of the metropolis. For Simmel, the border nowadays between individualism and collectivity is non a stable: a individual is neither an single animal nor a corporate 1. ( Simmel, 1968 ) hence, a impression has been ever used which is more complex, disordered, rich a society is the more it is able to supply its single with rich experience that is indispensable for the edifice of their ain development and strength. This methodological analysis indicates the importance of the procedure of socialisation in the advancement of a society. However this construct was non applied by everyone and some others found the demand to travel into and antisocial society. ( Richard, 2007 ) A metropolis theoretician would back up the thought of socialisation in the metropolis every bit long as he or she regards it as a positive mean for the metropolis. In contrast to Le Corbusier, who didn’t take into consideration this method. A protagonist of Le Corbusier manner of thought is Pascal’sPenseesin 1670. For Pascal, populating within a group and being attached to the society, people will be making tonss of activities that will deviate them from looking their ain truth and individualism. The lone account of one’s interaction with others is for this individual ain satisfaction and demands. Pascal provinces that relationships between persons are useless and meaningless. Since human qualities and behaviours change through clip therefore, single shall non blow their clip in understanding and cognizing more about others qualities and common evidences. Through purdah, a individual is able to analyse his or her ain ego without pass oning with others that would be obstructions for our true ego. Therefore, Pascal tries to convert to non trust on other people and go devoted to them. Le Corbusier denoted the manner of thought of Pascal when he was inspired about the societal life that he predicted in his programs for the metropolis of Paris. For him, remainder is when a individual spends more clip in his room in his purdah analysing his ain ego. He intended to coerce people to pass more clip in their room more than disbursement it with other people in other topographic points ( Richard, 2007 ) . The manner of thought of Le Corbusier indicates his vision of segregating people each one on his ain by prefering the clip they spend with their purdah. He had multilevel where the autos transit meets the prosaic to cut down common interaction between people. Other inside informations were thought of in order to perfectualize his vision such as making one floor that hosts a large kitchen that has the map of functioning all the suites, no public eatin g houses are available. Sound proofing walls are adding to cut down any noise coming from neighbouring cells. The proposed towers have a cross form to cut down ocular interaction between people. The lone positions to the exterior is nature as sky and verdure. As a drumhead, Le Corbusier insists on the fact that a individual should his ain infinite bubble where he is free to make whatever he desire without being disturbed from other interfering in his ain ego and purdah. However, this sort of individualism is insulating the metropolis from its users where the group construct is removed hence a metropolis would ne'er germinate and come on since each one is populating on its ain with no demand of others. However a group is able to act upon the metropolis and authorities determinations toward the metropolis users. As illustration the purposes to do a main road base on balls through users edifices in Mar Michael el nahr, Beirut, people started attesting against it and making runs to act upon the authorities determinations, individualism can ne'er work out such issues. However, Le Corbusier was non cognizant of these antisocial aspirations, neither their chief menace which is criminalism. Similarly an observation was done by Albert Camus to research the rate the grade of association of the antisocial manner of thought and public presentation of people while linking it with criminalism. â€Å"Every ethic conceived in purdah, implies the exercising of power† Camus provinces inTheJohnny reb( 1951 ) . There are different types of offenses as offense of passion, offense of logic that an antisocial individual detect. The chief thought of Camus was believing that rebellion is an indispensable component of life even if this rebellion might be reflected into force whether in ideas, in society or in individualism, this can non deny its importance. For him, revolution is sincere, every bit long as it does non transform the idea into act, nevertheless by making so, it is considered as a fixed action. Therefore, the rebellion must hold a manner that coexist along the boundary line half off from isolation and society. This shows how Le Corbusier was unable to hold on the menaces that a constructed antisocial metropolis would host. He is considered as more than an first-class designer at the architectural graduated table but when he started to believe on the urban graduated table, this is where the calamities started with him. Presents, metropoliss are valued and measured, without inquiry, depending on the grade of societal activity that they host par excellence. Therefore, holding an thought of making an antisocial metropolis, as a proposal by an urban contriver, is considered an foreign thought to the current ways of thought and behaving. That’s why the thoughts of modern theoretician and utopic manner of thought should be dismissed and replaced by the demands of the metropolis and its users ( Richard, 2007 ) . During the first half of the 20th century, Le Corbusier stressed on believing about metropoliss, nevertheless, in her bookThe Death and Life of Great American Cities( 1961 ) , Jane Jacobs, an urban economic expert who opposes wholly the antisocial vision of Le Corbusier, discussed that â€Å"real people are alone, they invest old ages of their lives in important relationships with other alone people, and are non interchangeable in the least. Severed from their relationships, they are destroyed as effectual societal existences — sometimes for a small piece, sometimes forever.† In other footings, being engaged in a condensed cyberspace of accountable societal interaction, people will be able to get characters and individualities. While observing an assembly of rambunctious kids in a communal undertaking, Jacobs stated that â€Å"these were anon. kids, and the individualities behind them were an unknown. . . . Impersonal metropolis streets make anon. people†¦ I think that people need other people.† One might see that merely in small towns, people demand other people and need to populate closely. However, the chief statement of Jacobs is that populating in metropoliss deliver a diverseness in relationships and interaction among people, this could go on merely if antisocial urban contrivers are out to picture the metropolis streets as â€Å"detached† and their users as â€Å"unidentified.† ( Richard, 2007 ) A relevant illustration could be mentioned is the local Lebanese purposes of devaluating the usage of autos in topographic points in the metropolis, such as the â€Å"Beirut By Bike† activity launched to prefer a more eco-friendly and human motions in the metropolis, a merriment chilling bike drive around Beirut.These activities serve as urban tools to promote societal inclusions, interaction and usage of the metropolis streets by the metropolis users. These activities are besides manifested in Tripoli where a biking event was initiated with a defined motorcycle flight from Maarad Rashid Karami as get downing point traveling to the waterfront and valance. A metropolis without its streets and a street without the metropolis users can non work. Similarly to the instance of Gemayzeh, Beirut, chief additive narrow street, it is a heavy strip in the metropolis and really active during the twenty-four hours and dark. What a metropolis needs is ever a human graduated table bed meshin g with its map, grid, substructure and other beds. The metropolis needs its users and frailty versa and the streets are the chief topographic points lying between the two where the extreme human societal activities should happen to do the metropolis map. Even though societal metropoliss has negative impacts on the users as prefering jobs, confronting more troubles and increasing complications, but its negative impact is able to be grasped more than that of the antisocial metropolis. That’s why making an antisocial metropolis is non a solution for the jobs encountered in a societal metropolis but a manner to increase its complications more. 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Negative Influence Of Disney - 1423 Words

In recent discussions regarding Disney’s growing franchize, a controversial issue has been whether Disney’s stories and products encourage children to follow strict gender roles. In this regard, some argue that Disney is wholesome and innocent, and only wants to make animated films that every family has the opportunity to enjoy. On the other hand, however, others argue that Disney is a corporation, whose ultimate goal is to spread their brand and make a lot of money. In the words of Michael Eisner, CEO of the Walt Disney Co., â€Å"We have no obligation to make history. We have no obligation to make art. We have no obligation to make a statement. To make money is our only objective† (Mickey Mouse Monopoly). According to this view, Disney has†¦show more content†¦Those images then begin to shape what we know and understand about the world, thus allowing the media to influence us. This issue is important because Disney has become a primary educational reso urce for children worldwide and as Henry Giroux points out, â€Å"Disney is a teaching machine that not only exerts influence over consumers but also wages an aggressive campaign to peddle its political and cultural influence in the United States and overseas† (Giroux xiv). It is often said that Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is one of the most successful films that Walt Disney Studios has produced. According to Business Insider, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is the tenth highest grossing film of all time in the United States. As a child, I spent no time considering the themes of gender roles and domestication of women in the film. However, while growing up, the impression that women cook and clean while men go out to work continued to stay with me. Though I concede that women are certainly a part of today’s workforce, I still insist that in the shadow of traditional gender roles, there is a slightly forced sense of acceptance when a father mentions that he is a stay at home dad while his wife earns the family’s income. It is this sense of discomfort that is a direct product from the conservative ideals that Disney promotes in its films. For example, in the Brothers Grimms’ story of â€Å"Little Snow White,† the dwarfs’ cottage was clean when Snow White first foundShow MoreRelatedDisney Corporttion ´s Negative Influence in Children via their Kid Programs626 Words   |  2 Pagescartoon shows such as Mickey Mouse has now changed into a profit driven corporation. With TV shows, movies, clothing lines, toys, CDs, books, and theme parks, Disney is creating billions in revenue. However, the profits are at the cost of the youth. One way the youth are being harmed is children are absorbed in watching television shows that Disney plays daily. The amount of time spent watching television has increased in the years, while the amount of time spent playing games outside has decreased. BecauseRead More Insensitive Portrayal of Society and Cultuer in Disney Films1538 Words   |  7 PagesSo Wonderful World of Disney The â€Å"Wonderful World of Disney† has been a part of America for as long as I can remember. With its movies, television shows, songs, theme parks, toys, and fictional characters, Disney is the epitome of children’s entertainment. Disney serves as one of the largest sources of entertainment to Americans, which is why it reigns as a commercial success and influence in our country. According to Henry Giroux, a popular critic of the Walt Disney Company, Disney’s immenseRead MoreRoyal Role Models : Why Disney Princesses1555 Words   |  7 Pages ROYAL ROLE MODELS: WHY DISNEY PRINCESSES ARE A POSITIVE INFLUENCE TO YOUNG GIRLS Are tiaras, dresses, princes, and castles destroying the minds of our youth? Most adults believe that children are heavily influenced by the things they see around them, mostly having a negative impact on their development. A phenomenon that follows this ideal are the ever so popular Disney princesses. Disney princesses are a staple of childhood interests, especially for young girls. Girls are more interested in princessesRead MoreWomen s Role Models For Young Children1531 Words   |  7 PagesAlmost every child and or adult has watched or at least heard of a Disney movie. Little girls always wanted to be Cinderella, Snow White, or Belle and the boys Hercules or Aladdin. These characters have been role models for young children for many years. Looking back at Disney films now, they seem a little different. Now, because we are much older we can see how they were setting up gender roles that we are completely comfortable with today. Using Frozen and Hercules as an example, we can teachRead MoreNegative Effects Of Disney Films895 Words   |  4 PagesDisney Films Portray a Negative influence on Kids Lives in Today’s World. The image that Disney films portray their stories is a very powerful product that can influence our kids’ lives negatively. One example of this is the film The Princess and the Frog. In this movie, we can see that an African American girl named Tiana lived poor in the 1920’s. The plot of this story is that this poor girl wanted to finish the dream of her father, which is to create a restaurant. Towards the end she ends upRead MoreGender Communications Final Paper: Disney Aladdin1693 Words   |  7 PagesToday Disney owns a media conglomerate which includes television and radio networks, cable systems, websites, music and production companies, magazines, sports teams, theaters, publishing and licensing companies, hotels and of course theme parks. This allows Disney to exert major influences on the younger population, popular culture and specifically the families that have young children. Should Disney have the power to control the imagination and influence the thought s of our children/younger generationsRead MoreThe Dark Side of Disney1426 Words   |  6 Pagesare we to make these judgments and where did these ideas of right and wrong come from? The Walt Disney Company plays an important role in depicting who and what people should and shouldn’t be. Every aspect of Disney, including movies, TV shows, and products, are supported by most of the world for entertainment and seemingly honest messages of innocence and magic. Beneath the image of innocence, Disney is also a media empire, a global conglomerate consisting of magazines, media production companiesRead MoreThe Body of the Disney Princesses1568 Words   |  6 PagesEver since the Disney Princesses were created, they have all had the same body shape: tremendously skinny. With the Disney Princesses becoming the largest girls franchise in the world, there is no denying the impact it can have on such young girls. These girls long for recognition and beauty, and expect nothing less th an their favorite Disney Princess to reassure them of the perfect lifestyle they need in order to achieve their perfect lives. In our society today, girls are becoming over sexualizedRead MoreEssay On Mickey Mouse Monopoly711 Words   |  3 Pagesmemories when asked about anything relating to Disney. Kids grow up watching Disney movies and dreaming of going to Disney World. Disney has been seen as a symbol of innocence and imagination since its creation in the mid 1900’s. The video Mickey Mouse Monopoly: Disney, Childhood, and Corporate Power was produced to highlight how racism and sexism can be seen throughout the Disney franchise. This video focuses on the Disney movies and how they can influence culture as they are consumed by mass audiencesRead MoreGender Stereotypes In Disney Princess Culture1356 Words   |  6 Pagespeople. Some individuals may have spent their childhood in the attire of their favorite Disney princess while they put on their best rendition of the c haracter they admired most. Other children went seemingly unfazed by the phenomenon, as their peers remained spellbound by the magical world of princesses. With Disney’s debut of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, princess movies provided the defining factor of the Disney entertainment empire for years to come. From this, fairy tales embarked into a territory